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Sports Heroes: NBA Trading Cards of Athletes in Basketball and Baseball

Let’s explore the world of NBA Trading Cards. From most sought-after cards to rare cards this article has it all. Keep reading and let your collection game begin.

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Are you a fan of sports and a big collector of vintage items? Whether you are a beginner or a master collector and are demented about which one to buy next. Then you are at the right place. Firstly, let us talk about some of the inspiring athletes who have major fan following in their game. Their Trading Cards are sold for millions of dollars and are very popular among the collectors. 

But the important question is: Should you be investing in Basketball NBA cards or Baseball Cards? Well, here’s a list of players from both Basketball and Baseball games. In the article, we made it easy for you to choose. 

A pro tip: Consider investing in your favourite sport and favourite sports player. From baseball to basketball here are the top 9 NBA cards that are worth millions of dollars. Let’s discuss them one by one: 

1. 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle

While discussing the most successful NBA cards, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantal has to top the list. This is one of the most expensive NBA cards that was sold for 12.6 million dollars. This card has a grade of 9.5 from SGC. It’s interesting to know that it doubled the previous record of 7.25 million dollars. Mickey Mantle’s trading card is considered “The Finest Known Example” and the only example that has received  SGC’s 9.5 grade. 

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle
Image Source: Pinterest.com

2. 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner 

You call it rare we call it 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner. The T206 Honus Wagner card has claimed the title of the most expensive ever. The card was sold for 7.25 million dollars. This is one of the rarest NBA cards over the years. 

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/27092035251608030/ 

3. 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth Rookie 

This card was the fuss among the NBA Trading Cards Collector community. This special Babe Ruth Rookie card was sold for 7.2 million dollars in 2023. Storytime: He spent 3 months in minor in his hometown Baltimore Orioles. He was a high school baseball player at St. Mary’s Industrial School. And one of the well-known players of his time. Fans had gone crazy when the NBA card was launched in the market.

1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth Rookie
Image Source: Pinterest.com

4. 2018-19 Panini National Treasures Luka Docic 

We often ignore the branding on NBA cards. But not on this one. This special Panini National Treasure featuring Luka Docic has special branding with the NBA logo and was sold for 4.6 million dollars in 2021. As a young player, he has achieved 28.4 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 8.1 assists per game. With such astonishing games, Luka has gained a special place in the hearts of collectors. 

2018-19 Panini National Treasures Luka Donic
Image Source: Pinterest.com

5. 1996 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant 

Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant Basketball Card is considered one of the finest. With super quality and a grade of 10 by BGS, this card is worshipped among collectors. The BGS states that the card has 10 grading across the 4 parameters which are grading, Corners, Centering, Edges, and Surface. This card has been qualified for “Black Label” recognition and stays in pristine condition. You don’t want to miss this masterpiece, be on the lookout to add it to your collection. 

1996 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Kobe Bryant is remembered for his stunning performances. Consider investing in the Skybox Kobe Bryant card available on our website. 

6. 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan 

This is one of the most popular NBA trading cards among collectors. We all know the lord. Yet here we go again. Michael Jordan has won 6 NBA titles, 8 scoring titles, 5 regular MVPs, 6 final MVPs, 3 All-Star Game MVPs, and 1 Defensive Player of the Year award. And how can we miss out on the special collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan? In his career, he has scored 32,292 points and averaged 30.1 points per game in his career. He is remembered for bringing the Chicago Bulls to great heights. And so does his NBA card to make you cherish and applaud his accomplishments. 

1986 Fleer Michael 1957 Bill Russell
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Are you a Michael Jordan fan? Then you would want to check out Michael Jordan’s PSA Card on our website. Grab the piece before it slips away! 

7. 1972 Topps Julius Erving 

Another prestigious from the list is Julius Erving’s NBA card. Julius Erving played a total of 16 seasons in ABA and NBA and gained 30,026 points. He has won the hearts of basketball fans through his amazing games. He was given the title of NBA All-Star in each of the seasons he played with the NBA. He also made it to the Hall of Fame in 1993. His NBA trading card is considered one of the best investments.  

1972 Topps Julius Erving
Image Source: Pinterest.com

8. 1957 Bill Russell 

Bill Russel’s NBA card is one of the most influential cards. While playing 13 seasons in the Boston Celtics, Bill Russell won 11 championships. He played 4 rebounds averaging 22.5 rebounds per game. He was named All-Star 12 times and awarded MVP 5 times. There can be nothing enough about the player but his card says it all through his popularity. 

1957 Bill Russell
Image Source: Pinterest.com

9. 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Lebron James

Lebron James Upper Deck matched 1952 Mantle, priced at 5.2 million dollars. Today it is one of the most expensive basketball cards among the collectors. This NBA card has broken the world record with its popularity and demand. It has been 9 graded by BGS with a subgrade of 10 for centring and surface, 9.5 for edges, and 8.5 for corners. 

2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Lebron James
Image Source: Pinterest.com

There are more on the list. 

Still, wondering about how to start the collection or where to invest? Don’t worry. We got you covered. At Toki, we have a wide range of collections. From Prizm to Panini you must explore our wide range of Trading cards. Look for a variety as we’ll keep adding a list of items every collector should get their hands on! Happy collecting.