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The OG Sneakers You Need to Build a Great Collection!

Finding the perfect blend of OG designs is no longer challenging. These are not just a fashion accessory but the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and innovation. Check out the perfect pair of OG sneakers that best suit your needs.
Sneaker Collections

Over the past 25 years, collecting sneakers has transformed from a niche hobby to a worldwide phenomenon. Collecting sneakers is a trend that transcends generations and backgrounds. Some of these sought-after silhouettes may also include “OG” pairs of a model. The OG sneakers signify long-time fan favorites and are often part of a true shoe fan’s collection.

The term OG or Old Generations is loosely used a lot these days. Everyone has their favorite OG kicks, making it relatively easy to spot, if not to cop, something that’ll pique your interest. Let’s look at a few OG sneaker categories to build a solid collection that’ll always keep you looking fresh and, most importantly, stand the test of time.

1. Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 sneakers dropped in 1985 as a collaboration between Nike and then-rookie Michael Jordan. Incredibly, 40 years later, the Air Jordan 1 is incredibly popular. The most versatile Jordan sneakers with numerous silhouettes and an impenetrable imprint on sneaker culture at large, it’s hard to compete with passion for contemporary and retro sneakers.

Air Jorden Sneakers
Image Source: Hypebeast.com

2. Adidas Superstar

Adidas’s second foray into basketball, the Superstar Sneaker, followed the Supergrip’s blueprint, debuting in 1969. Initially designed for the courts, it swiftly became an icon of hip-hop culture and a must-have for sneakerheads globally. Evolving through countless iterations, collaborations, and innovations, the Superstar remains the quintessential three-stripe silhouette, coveted by collectors. Its roots in sport and its adoption by urban culture have solidified its status as a streetwear staple.

Adidas Superstar
Image Source: Hypebeast.com

3. OG Tech Runner

One of the timeless pairs revered by collectors is the OG tech runners, boasting enduring aesthetics that seamlessly complement any ensemble. While they exude style, many OG tech runner models prove impractical for extensive running due to their design. Yet, they revolutionized athletic footwear technology in their era, setting a precedent for future sneaker innovation. Notably, early designs like the Air Max series have transitioned into revered classics, sought after by enthusiasts worldwide.

OG Tech Runner Sneaker
Image Source: Sneakerfreaker.com

4. OG OG Runner

If you’re looking for a sneaker that’s slightly less bold, but has been highly-regarded for decades, it’s delightful to have an OG OG Running sneaker in your repertoire. The OG OG runner can pair well with your entire wardrobe—from your workout shorts to your not-so skinny jeans, or your go-to office chinos. This sneaker isn’t as attention-grabbing as an Air Max 97 but slightly more understated. Nonetheless, it does have a variety with New Balance 993, Asics GEL-Lyte 3, and Nike Tailwinds of the world to leave you with a choice to own one. 

OG OG Runner
Image Source: Sneakernews.com

5. Classic Low-Profile Sneakers

If you’re not too keen to buy the OG OG running sneaker, then turn up to Stan Smith or the Samba, they are just as classic as the iconic. These prominent sneakers go with everything and are socially acceptable on any occasion. These designer sneakers made of luxe materials and intentionally scuffed up are typically reserved for the fanciest hard bottoms. We are sure you don’t want to miss adding this piece to your style.

Classic Low-Profile Sneakers
Image Source: Yahoo.com

6. Converse Chuck Taylor

The Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are an absolute essential in any person’s rotation. These cultural icons are just an aesthetic combination of canvas and rubber. In recent years, a cultural shift to casual footwear has affixed them as a model that transcends status. Combined with a variety of colors, textures, and limited editions, you get one of the most versatile shoes ever created for the sneaker market.

Converse Chuck Taylor
Image Source: Vegnonveg.com

7. Nike Air Force 1

Nike introduced the Air Force 1 in 1982, branding it with the slogan “Air in the box.” Initially designed for basketball, these shoes became a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts, prized for their crisp white appeal. Evolving from sports gear to lifestyle staples, the Air Force 1 seamlessly integrated into casual fashion, propelled by hip-hop’s influence. Icons like Jay Z, Fat Joe, and Jeezy, along with collectors, catapulted AF1s into mainstream fashion.

Nike Air Force 1
Image Source: Hypebeast.com

8. Nike Air Max 1

In 1981, corporate architect Tinker Hatfield joined Nike’s Oregon campus project, spending four years crafting what evolved into the iconic Air Max 1 sneaker. Collaborating with former NASA engineer Frank Rudy, they pioneered placing functional elements externally. The Air Max 1 debuted its cushioned sole on March 26, 1987, marking a pivotal moment in sneaker history. Fast forward nearly four decades, and the Air Max 1 is the epitome of OG-status footwear. Hatfield’s design prowess merged with Rudy’s innovative vision to invent a sneaker beloved by collectors worldwide.

Nike Air Max 1
Image Source: Hypebeast.com

9. New Balance 990

Ever since its first release in 1982, the New Balance 990 has effortlessly toed the line between performance and lifestyle. At the time the New Balance 990 was launched it was described as “stability, cushioning, and flexibility, all in one shoe.” It had the form and function requirements like nothing else. You’ll be surprised to find a collector without a pair of the OG style, New Balance Sneaker, in their arsenal.

New Balance 990
Image Source: Hypebeast.com

10. Trail Runner or Sneaker Boot

Whether you’re going for a hike or a run-off in the beaten path, it’s always good to have a solid trail runner or sneakers in rotation. Trail runners are usually water-resistant and versatile enough to wear in the city on rainy or snowy days. This means investing in a version of these sneakers is never a bad option. We hope that Nike and Adidas will soon bring back more of these trail-ready silhouettes from the ’90s. Sneakerheads, unite!

Trail Runner or Sneaker Boot
Image Source: Cleverhiker.com

To Sum Up!

Sneakers have evolved into a cultural icon, transcending their utility as mere footwear. They represent a fusion of innovation and nostalgia, epitomized by classics like Nike Air Force, Air Jordan, Air Max, and Adidas Superstar. These iconic silhouettes from the 70s and 80s have woven themselves into our collective consciousness. Curating a collection of these OG styles ensures timeless appeal and versatility for any wardrobe. Embrace the heritage and craftsmanship that these sneakers embody; they’re not just shoes but symbols of style and history. Don’t overlook the opportunity to own a collection that will remain cherished for years to come!