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Diving Deep: Underwater LEGO Themes Display!

In a bit of an unconventional move, LEGO plunges into the world of marine biology and underwater exploration. The following blog post foray into the Deep Sea Explorers sets with the largest set from the theme – the Deep Sea Exploration Vessel. Jump in the boat to discover the hidden treasures!
Lego Underwater City

Most people aspire to be marine biologists and are often fascinated by life under the sea. They usually spent countless hours devouring documentaries and books on the related subject. LEGO underwater set made their dream come true by combining the 1997 Divers theme with its newly launched Deep Sea Exploration Vessel LEGO set. 

However, the LEGO marketing team was keen to emphasize that the Deep Sea Exploration Vessel is all-new, but it has a lot of influence on the Divers theme introduced in back 1997. Let’s read more about it!


The blog features the Deep Sea Exploration Vessel, a LEGO City Underwater model loaded with the latest high-tech diving equipment. The flagship of the theme boasts a massive ship, an undersea shipwreck, plenty of Diver minifigs, and a great selection of LEGO marine life. 

LEGO City Underwater models
Image Source: Lego.com

Divers and Minifigures

The LEGO Underwater Vessel comes with a generous amount of Minifigures consisting of the ship’s crew and plenty of divers to surprise you. Be prepared to get 7 mini-figures and accessories like 2 crew members, 4 Scuba Divers, and a Deep-Sea Diver. 

Lego Divers and Minifigures
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

Scuba Divers

You will also spot four Scuba Divers wearing all-sport generic goggles, Scuba tanks, and the same torso and leg designs. Kudos to LEGO for championing gender equality as we get a 50-50 mix of male and female Scuba divers in this set. True respect to them for their effort!  

Lego Scuba Divers
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

This LEGO is filled with plenty of great details such as each minifig has a black wetsuit with an attractive red trim and different gauges to monitor water pressure, a utility belt, and other instruments that I’m not too familiar with as I have zero experience in scuba diving.

The LEGO Characters

What’s more interesting in this LEGO Underwater Set is its set of characters. The Ship’s Captain is as stereotypical as they come, with a blue hat, authoritative facial hair, and a jacket with a neat little anchor pin on his left breast. The crew member or an expedition assistant appears in his favorite ‘red’ as he sports a red jacket, a dark red jumper inside, and a dark red hat, a new variant. 

LEGO Characters
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

The Deep Sea Diver is an interesting minifigure of the bunch, sporting a cooler helmet fused to the oxygen tanks and a welding torch presumably to help break open any steel structures within the shipwreck albeit in a fantasy world where humanoid marine creatures abound. 

Marine Life

It couldn’t be an underwater LEGO theme without having a variety of marine life and this set delivers in spades. It surprises you with 5 aquatic organisms including 4 sharks and one snazzy-looking red octopus. You will be overwhelmed to get 3 shark variants – a white albino shark, a sawshark, and 2 generic grey “Average Joe” sharks, a relatively rare variant to own. The dark red color-scheme Octopus is rare but is now easily available like anybody’s favorite marine critter in the set. 

Lego Marine Life
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

High-Tech Underwater Equipments

The Deep Sea Exploration Vessel LEGO set is equipped with an armada of high-tech undersea equipment. From left to right it has a Scuba Scooter that the divers can grab hold of as they dive underwater, a remote sub with a robotic arm and built-in video camera and lights, and a submarine with two robotic arms. The yellow and black color scheme gives them a visually striking look. These sports great designs keep them looking simple yet believable enough.

High-Tech Underwater Equipments
Image Source: Jaybrick.com

The Shipwreck

The shipwreck is large and comfortably fits plenty of cool undersea features like all the seaweed and sea fronds that litter the seabed and rock formation, sea critters, divers and their equipment. It appears to be a skeletal-looking hull buried in the seabed. However, the divers are drawn to this shipwreck by the promise of gold bars. Two hidden large wooden chests are filled to the brim with gold bars. 

Lego The Shipwreck
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

The shipwreck comes to life with color and bustling activity when populated by divers and aquatic life. The play feature is very well designed, works flawlessly and display possibilities are almost endless with the set’s entire theme!

The Deck!

Lego Deck
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

Lastly, we arrive at the highlight of the set – the deck of the Deep Sea Exploration Vessel. Firstly, the colors go together with bright orange and yellow elements cutting through all the greys and blues. The ship’s size looks balanced and proportioned without looking too garish. The ship also has a bright orange lifeboat with a buoy on the deck and a Scuba flag, the internationally recognized notification that a diver is close by. 

The ship’s unique “two-prong” shape is typical of research ships that launch submersibles for ocean expeditions. The back view allows you a better look at the winch, which you can use to lower a shark-proof cage into the depths. 

Final Thoughts

LEGO never likes to let a successful idea go to waste. When LEGO first announced an entire underwater theme devoted to undersea exploration, it was a treat. The Deep Sea Exploration Vessel feels like a complete set. You get plenty of minifigures, marine organisms, an awesome-looking ship, plenty of undersea equipment, and even a shipwreck to play around with. It’s quite rare to build a set and feel like nothing else could be added to improve it. 

Under water themed lego collectibles
Image Source: Jaysbrickblog.com

The value contained in this set is astounding even at full price. Large ships always look great on display and the shipwreck promises plenty of fun when you populate it with marine life and divers. The Deep Sea Exploration Vessel is one of the standout sets this year, so don’t miss out on it if you can! 

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