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Top Spots for Funko Pop Lovers in the Philippines

Uncover the top spots to find the most amazing Funko Pops
Top Spots for Funko
Most amazing funko pop ever
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Are you looking for Funko Pops in Fillipino? From rare to popular Funko Pops these places have a wide collection of Pops that will blow your mind. Whether as a brick-and-mortar store or a marketplace on Facebook, our list of stores is something you should check out. 

Top funko on brick and Mortar Stop
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1. Big Boy Toy Store

Being one of the biggest stores in the Philippines Big Boy Toy Stores houses the latest and most loved Funko Pops. Big Boy Toy Store is committed to offering toys that surprise and satisfy all Funko Pop lovers. 

It will be surprising to know that they offer something unique. Inside the store, they get exclusive items and special deals. They stand by their mission to give quality products at affordable prices. They exclusively source products from conventions, special promos, online offerings, and foreign retail stores. 

Apart from prices and quality Big Boy Toy stores are one of the traditional stores in the Philippines. The stores have branches at Greenhills, Glorietta, Festival Supermall, and Fisher Mall. 

Pokemon Funko pop
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2. Co The Collectible Store

Located at San Juan in Manila this store has a long list of products on their website. Here you will find all the characters under one roof at Co the Collectible Store. Don’t be surprised if you are mesmerized by Pokemon, Pikachu, and many more vinyl figures. 

The list includes Funko Pops, K-Pop Album, Plushies, Japanese Merchandise, Panini Stickers, Pokemon TCG, Yugion TCG, and One Piece TCG. They stand true to their vision of “where lifestyle meets collectibles”. Their collection also includes some limited edition pieces. So if you are looking for some rare Funko Pops this is the place for you. 

NBA Funkos
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3. Geek Freaks 

Next in the line is Geek Freaks. What makes them special?

The Marvel characters and Michael Jordan stand out making Geek Freaks a house for all things Funko Pops. This is a cool spot to find some amazing discounts and get your hands on your favorite character. Do check out their pre-orders and new arrivals. 

Geek Freaks funko pop store
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4. Filbars 

Ever felt deja vu while crossing the street and looking at the toy store? Well, Filbars is the place for you. Filbars is headquartered in Everett, WA. It is an accredited Funko retail partner in Fillipino. They offer a wide variety of Funko Pops ranging from action characters to the world of princess characters. 

The original story behind Filbar is it was founded in 1979, with a simple magazine subscription. Today they are housing collectibles by the world’s leading brands. They have grown with loyal customers offering exceptional experiences to collectors. 

Filbar Funko pop
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5. Geek Ph Store 

Once an online store has now opened its doors at Shaw Mandaluyong. Geek Ph Store is an absolute must-visit store in Fillipino. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off this place. The Funko Pops available here are rare and unique. 

One can shop online or can visit their physical store. The stores are at Greenhills, North EDSA, and Mall of Asia. they also update their latest collection on Instagram and share pre-order updates.  

Geek Ph Store - Funko pop
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Funko Pop collector is a big community around the world. Apart from the stores, there are various Facebook groups you should not miss. 

The Funko Pop collector community in the Philippines is extensive, emphasizing the significance of connecting with fellow enthusiasts to exchange experiences. Social media platforms serve as hubs for individuals with shared passions. If you’re an avid collector, these Facebook pages are a must-visit for joining like-minded communities. 

1. Pinoy Pop Customs

Pinoy Pop Customs is a Funko Pop Facebook with 4.2k genuine collectors. They regularly share videos and images of the collections among the community members. This is a much-loved page if you would want to place a custom order of Funko Pop. If you want to surprise someone with their favorite character this is the place for you. Hurry up and join today. Or your customer Funko Pop and add them to the collection. 

2. Funko Pop Philippines 

With a community of 7.4k members Funko Pop Philippines is another place to find your loved Funko Pop. This is a place to keep yourself updated with the latest releases. They share the collection of newly launched Funko Pops on this page. You can easily place the order from this place. 

Don’t overlook Toki when you’re eager to expand your Funko Pop collection or delve into other collectibles! It offers a seamless and exhilarating shopping journey, so be sure to give it a look while hunting for those top spots for Funko Pops in the Philippines!