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The Enchanting Saga of Funko Pops: Unraveling the Mythical Characters

From legendary creatures to folklore beings, these collectibles breathe life into age-old tales. Find out which mythical character should grace your collection!
Funko pop Mythical Creatures

In the realm of collectibles, few phenomena have captured the hearts of enthusiasts quite like Funko Pop figures. These pint-sized vinyl characters burst onto the scene seemingly overnight, adorning the shelves of countless stores and igniting a fervor among collectors worldwide. Yet, amidst the vast array of designs and themes, one niche stands out for its enchanting allure: mythical creatures. Let’s unveil a captivating fusion of folklore and pop culture, where legendary beings take on new life in adorable vinyl form. 

1. Gnome Funko Pop

Funko Pop’s Gnome figurine embodies the essence of the legendary creature with intricate details. From the iconic pointed hat to the long beard, it’s a charming portrayal in a blue suit and brown pants, complete with a belt and a hammer. With its mischievous expression and bright eyes, this figurine captures the notion of folklore, appealing to collectors and fans of magic alike.

Gnome Funko Pop
Image Source: pop-Figures.com

2. The Kraken Funko Pop

Introducing the legendary Kraken, a colossal sea creature known from films like Pirates of the Caribbean. This supersized Funko Pop captures its essence with a blend of squid and octopus features, sporting a striking blue hue with hints of purple. Its intricate details, from shiny skin to tiny legs, make for a captivating collectible. 

The Kraken Funko Pop
Image Source: pop-Figures.com

3. Big Foot with Marshmallow Funko Pop

Standing at 3.75 inches tall, this vinyl figure perfectly embodies the iconic creature, complete with a marshmallow stick. The glow-in-the-dark variant adds an extra layer of allure. Whether you’re a mythical creature enthusiast or a Funko Pop collector, this Bigfoot figurine is a must-add to your collection. Bring a touch of mystery and wonder with this captivating Funko Pop!

Big Foot with Marshmallow Funko Pop
Image Source: Pop-figures.com

4. Sphinx Funko Pop

Funko Pop’s tribute to the Sphinx from Greek mythology is a stunning portrayal of this iconic creature. Combining elements of a lion, bird wings, and a woman’s head, this figurine captures the essence of the myth. The Sphinx’s feminine features, highlighted with makeup-like details, add to its allure. The tail, adorned with a snake’s head, adds another layer of intricacy. With sharp teeth, open wings, and golden armor, this figurine is a must-have for mythology enthusiasts.

Sphinx Funko Pop
Image Source: Pop-figures.com

5. Loch Ness Monster Funko Pop (Glow in the Dark)

Discover the mystique of the Loch Ness monster in Funko Pop form. This rendition of Nessie captures the legendary creature’s sea serpent form, complete with a friendly smile, shiny black eyes, and a vibrant mix of blue-green hues. With small scales adorning its back and a hint of vegetation in its mouth, this collectible is a nod to its aquatic habitat. The “Glow in the Dark” version adds an extra layer of mystery with its flashy green color.

6. Cyclops Funko Pop

Introducing Funko’s Cyclops figure, a stunning addition to Greek mythology-inspired collectibles. This imposing green-skinned creature features a single eye on its forehead, horns, sharp canines, a large nose, and a beard necklace. Dressed in simple attire made from wool and armed with a club, the Cyclops embodies both ferocity and mythic charm.

Cyclops Funko Pop
Image Source: Pop-figures.com

7. Medusa Funko Pop

Medusa, the iconic Gorgon from Greek mythology, takes centre stage in Funko Pop’s collection of mythical creatures. With her terrifying yet captivating appearance – snake-haired and winged – this figurine beautifully captures her essence. From her serpent-like body to her icy gaze, every detail is meticulously crafted, including the forked tongue, scales, and adornments. The gradient green color scheme adds depth and allure, making it a must-have for mythology enthusiasts. It’s a true innovation in collectibles!

Medusa Funko Pop
Image Source: Pop-figures.com

8. Jackalope Funko Pop

The Jackalope of Douglas, a creature from American folklore, is a captivating cryptid blending the features of a hare and an antelope. Represented in Funko Pop form, it showcases a brown and white fur rabbit and imposing antelope-like horns. This enchanting figurine captures the essence of the legendary creature, with intricate details like a pink muzzle and delicate facial spots adding to its allure. Explore this magical collection of Funko Pop mythical creatures that are sure to pique your curiosity. Which of these figures are you eager to add to your collection? And remember, the collection doesn’t end here; there’s more to discover!

Jackalope Funko Pop
Image Source: Pop-figures.com

9. The Journey to Oz Funko Pops

The new Wizard of Oz Funko Pop collection features iconic characters like Dorothy, Judy Garland, the Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton, and the Wizard himself, Frank Morgan. Exclusive additions include the Winged Monkey (Specialty Series Exclusive) and a sepia-toned Dorothy with Toto (Funko Shop Exclusive). Additional figures will be based on Glinda, Billie Burke, the Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), the Tin Man (Jack Haley), and the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger). The highlight of the collection is the small Emerald City replica that accompanies the Wizard’s Funko Pop in a single collectible. 

The Journey to Oz Funko Pops
Image Source: Collider.com
Wizard of Oz Funko Pop
Image Source: Collider.com

Key Takeaways

From dragons and unicorns to legendary beasts from folklore, these captivating figures add a touch of magic to any collection. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, there is a treasure trove of mythical Funko Pops waiting to be discovered. Begin your journey today and craft your own whimsical Funko Pop collection with a wide range from Toki

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