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Filipino Pop Culture Icons as Funko Pops: A Wishlist

Step into the vibrant world of Filipino pop culture through the lens of Funko Pop figurines. This blog explores some of the most adorable collectibles that have immortalised iconic Filipino personalities, characters, and symbols, as well as some possibilities.
Filipino Pop Culture Icons as Funko Pops

Funko Pop figures have become more than just toys in the world of collectibles; they are tiny, tangible expressions of fandom. With the rich culture and history of the Philippines, there is more than enough inspiration in this country that deserves a place on every collector’s shelf. From legendary entertainers to beloved fictional characters, let’s look at every collector’s wishlist that celebrates Filipino culture’s rich and diverse tapestry.

1. Jollibee – Fast Food Mascot Mania

No Filipino childhood is complete without the joy of Jollibee. A Funko Pop dedicated to this lovable bee in a red suit captures the hearts of collectors and fans alike. It is a delightful reminder of the cherished memories created by the iconic Filipino fast-food chain. Given this, it’s no surprise that the Jollibee mascot got its own Funko Pop in 2018. The figure was released in various looks, including Jollibee Bee in a barong, on a motorcycle, and in a gold metallic finish. Since its launch, it has proved to be very popular among collectors, and specific variants today might be a bit of a challenge as some are rarer than others.

Jolibee Fast Food Mascot Mania
Image Source: Funkopop.com

2. Darna – The Figure of Empowerment

The vinyl pop gained a lot of interest and traction when the popular Philippine actress, Jane de Leon, was unveiled as the new Darna. As a fitting tribute to the Pinay hero on her 70th anniversary, her Funko Pop pint-sized version went on sale in 2019. For the Darna miniature, Funko replicated the trademark look of the beloved Pinay superhero, complete with a winged headpiece to match her iconic red and gold costume. With her distinct red attire and shining helmet, this figurine would symbolize strength and resilience for fans of all ages. 

Wonder Women Funko Pop
Image Source: Nylonmanila.com

3. Manny Pacquiao – Boxing Legend Edition

A Funko Pop dedicated to the People’s Champ, Manny Pacquiao, is undoubtedly a knockout addition to any collection. Picture him in his boxing gear, trademark goatee, hairstyle, and fists ready for action. This figurine celebrates his prowess in the ring and his inspiring journey from a humble beginning to a global sports icon.

Manny Pacquiao - Boxing Legend Edition
Image Source: Spin.Ph

4. Ateneo Blue Eagle and De La Salle Green Archers – The perfect shot

Created as part of the Pop College line, the Aterno Blue Eagle and De La Salle Green Archers are among the first university mascot pops outside of the United States. Launched in 2021, the new pop certainly got both the alumni and sports fans from both universities excited to take home a small keepsake of their alma mater.

Ateneo Blue Eagle and De La Salle Green Archers
Image Source: Gmanetwork.com

5. Jose Mari Chan – Musically yours 

The legendary Jose Mari Chan now has his own Funko Pop. Living up to his “King of Philippine Christmas Carols” tag, the packaging of Chan’s Funko Pop has a Christmas tree on it. The miniature depicted the veteran singer in a suit and tie, with a microphone in his right hand and his left hand, with his iconic singing gesture.

Jose Mari Chan Funko Pop
Image Source: Push.com

In the world of Funko Pops, imagination knows no bounds. We can’t help but feel the excitement of seeing Filipino pop culture icons come to life in miniature form.