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It’s All About Collaborations in the Toki Sneaker Digest for February 2024

Stay in the loop with February's Toki Sneaker Digest and discover the month's hottest sneaker collaborations and comebacks. Stay ahead of the game!
Nike Kobe 8 Proto Purple Sneakers

Sneakers are far more than just a pair of shoes. They are the perfect balance of style and comfort. February is raining with new sneaker releases. And this month it’s sparkly and edgy. Read on to learn the new releases in our Toki Sneaker Digest. 

1. Swarovski x Converse 

The latest buzz in sneaker news ignites with the Swarovski x Converse collaboration, adding a shimmering touch to footwear fashion. Surprisingly, each pair boasts an astonishing 1300 crystals meticulously embedded. Embracing a vintage vibe, these 70s-inspired chunky sneakers feature an angular toe cap, complemented by a reshaped “All-Star” emblem forming an octagon. Released on February 1st, these dazzling kicks come with a price tag of $300, promising both style and sparkle to sneaker aficionados. 

Swarovski x Converse Black sneaker
Image Source: Sneakerbardetroit.com

2. Adidas PureBoost 23 “Leopard Print” 

The Adidas PureBoost 23 in “Leopard Print” is causing a stir, especially among trendsetting ladies. Released this February, these kicks are the epitome of both comfort and style. With a sleek, minimal design, they boast cushioning at the heel for stability and responsive midsole cushioning. The flexible Stretchweb rubber outsole ensures solid support for every step. Priced at $140, they’re a must-have for fashion-forward sneaker enthusiasts. 

Adidas PureBoost 23 “Leopard Print” Sneaker
Image Source: Goat.com

3. New Balance Fresh Foam BB V2

In February, sneaker enthusiasts were drawn to the nostalgic allure of pink and white hues reminiscent of school days. The New Balance Fresh Foam BB V2, drawing inspiration from off-court aesthetics, emerged as a standout choice. Engineered for unparalleled comfort during gameplay, these sneakers boast dual-density cushioning, combining an ultra-plush center with firmer foam surrounding the perimeter and midfoot. Offering both comfort and stability, these charming pairs debuted on February 2nd at a price point of $130. 

New Balance Fresh Foam BB V2 Sneaker
Image Source: Complex.com

4. New Balance 9060 “Cyan Burst” 

Influenced by the vibrant hues of spring, this sneaker features shades of yellow, orange, blue, and green, complemented by hints of white and gray. Embracing a palette of neutral tones, this pair seamlessly blends comfort with style. New Balance joins forces with Maryland-based retailer DTLR to introduce these striking sneakers to the market. Launched on February 6th, they retail at $160, offering enthusiasts a bold statement piece for their footwear collection. 

New Balance 9060 “Cyan Burst” Sneakers
Image Source: Pinterest.com

5. Nike KD “Year of the Dragon 2.0” 

In honor of the Dragon Year, Nike reintroduces the Nike KD, a beloved sneaker after 12 years. Dubbed “Dragon of the Year,” it boasts a sesame hue adorned with vibrant orange and red accents. What sets these kicks apart is the intricate dragon motif, cleverly forming both the KD and Nike logos on the heel. Released on February 7th, sneaker enthusiasts eagerly grabbed a pair priced at $150. The return of this iconic silhouette not only celebrates Chinese culture but also ignites nostalgia among sneakerheads worldwide. With its striking design and rich symbolism, the Nike KD Dragon of the Year is a standout release. 

Nike KD “Year of the Dragon 2.0”
Image Source: Pinterest.com

6. Nike Kobe 8 Proto “Aqua” and “Court Purple” 

Nike’s Kobe series returns with vibrant “Purple” and “Aqua” color schemes, honoring the late basketball legend’s iconic jersey numbers, 8 and 24. Kobe Bryant remains the sole player to have two distinct jersey numbers throughout his career. Positioned atop the sneakers’ upper base, the numbers accentuate the teal and purple hues, reversed in color for each shoe. Launched on February 8th, the sneakers are priced at $190, captivating fans with their homage to Bryant’s legacy. 

Nike Kobe 8 Proto “Aqua” and “Court Purple”
Image Source: Pinterest.com

There’s more from Nike and it gets better as you will fall in with all the styles. Stay tuned for more such sneaker news.